Manufacturing of electric porcelain insulators for High Voltage and Very High Voltage

High Voltage insulators manufactures since 1921

Ceralep SN manufactures insulators from 100 years. This unique ability in France lets Ceralep to be on worldwide network (AC/DC) with high voltage and very high voltage insulators.

Transmission and distribution network include line and high voltage post. These ones are composed of current transformers, disconnectors, circuit breakers and bus bars.

These electrical installations use electric porcelain insulators.

Ceralep plant in France
High Voltage ceramic insulator

Experience and know-how

Each country is applying different standard for electrical installation. Ceralep made porcelain insulators to reach international standards and to fit network particularities. We can quote standard as IEC – ANSI – ISPESL – SN20.2i.

The conception of insulator is known. We can manufacture prototype.

We can collaborate with the customer specification need and make a co validation of a drawing and technical characteristics. Our design team is directly linked to the production in order to reply quickly to every special need.

Ceralep insulators are homologated to be installed in different networks in France or abroad.


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