Our know-how

This nearly centenary know-how confers to Ceralep SN serious and a worldwide renown.

Why the porcelain?

This region of the Drôme department developed itself thanks to the natural resources.

The porcelain got interesting technical characteristics for electrical insulation like high dielectric strength.

The proximity of the parent company, Merlin Gerin at Grenoble,  was an important element for that implantation choice.

Customers service

·        Clients studies

·        Products history moreover 30 years

·        Expertise

·        A qualified team, available and happy to advise, with a strong technical know-how.

6. Manufacturing process of insulators

Manufacturing process

Ces opérations prennent entre 12 et 18 semaines suivant la charge de travail des ateliers et la complexité des pièces.

7. Laboratory and quality

CERALEP is certified ISO 9001, that means that we try to perpetually improve ourselves.

A tracability coupled with many tests allows us to produce high quality insulators.