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High voltage insulator manufacturer for more than 100 years!

Benefiting from a real expertise of + 100 years of experience, Ceralep has become one of the French references in the manufacture of high voltage electrical insulator.



High voltage insulators manufactures since 1921

Ceralep SN manufactures insulators from 100 years. This unique ability in France lets Ceralep to be on worldwide network (AC/DC) with high voltage and very high voltage insulators.

Transmission and distribution network include line and high voltage post. These ones are composed of current transformers, disconnectors, circuit breakers and bus bars.

These electrical installations use electric porcelain insulators.


Certified products

Experience and Know-how

Ceralep SN manufactures porcelain insulators that meet these international standards as well as the specific characteristics of each network. We can cite as standards: IEC – ANSI

CERALEP’s insulators are approved for installation in different networks in France or abroad.

Our porcelain insulators are used and approved in the railway sector, either for networks or for on-board train applications.



Workshops – offices and storage
Including 25 000 m²built area
in St Vallier (Drôme)


experience In the manufacture of insulators


Employees, technicians and commercial agents


Product references
Usual and historical reference
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CERALEP SN, a century-old company, recognized products and certified

All our products meet the following standards: IEC 60273 - IEC 60168 - IEC 62155 - IEC 60672- IEC 60815... Among our product range: insulators for railway networks, hollows for switchgear, for electro filters, for high frequency...